Bypassing the Combinatorial Explosion: Using Similarity to Generate and Prioritize T-wise Test Configurations for Software Product Lines

Christopher Henard*, Mike Papadakis*, Gilles Perrouin+, Jacques Klein*, Patrick Heymans and Yves Le Traon*

*Interdisciplinary Centre for Security Reliability and Trust (SnT), University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
+Precise Research Center In Software Engineering (PReCISE), University of Namur, Belgium
Contact: *{firstname.lastname}, +{firstname.lastname}

Resources regarding the paper:

[1] SPLOT - Software Product Line Online Tools
[2] Linux Variability Analysis Tools
[3] SPLAR - Software Product Lines Automated Reasoning library
[4] Sat4j: the boolean satisfaction and optimization library for Java
[5] JCommander: a Java framework that makes it trivial to parse command line parameters
[6] SPL Covering Array Tool

About the feature models

About the source code and the implementation

About the use of the implementation (old version)

About the empirical study data

About the similarity heuristic